Northampton Photographer

High quality photography for families and businesses in Northampton and surrounding areas

Northampton Photographer

Christenings, weddings, funerals, family gatherings – capturing all of life’s events for families in and around Northampton

Northampton Photographer

Supporting businesses in Northampton and around the East Midlands area with high quality corporate photography

Northampton Photographer

Based in Northampton within easy reach of all of the Midlands area, providing a rapid response for PR and publicity photography

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About Me …

Jon P Farmer - Photographer

What I am actually doing is creating an historical record and that is a responsibility to take very seriously.

My name is Jon P Farmer, the “JPF” behind JPFoto.

I have been a photographer since the age of 15 when my uncle gave me my first camera – a Fujica ST-605. I was a “hobbyist” for many years, always an enthusiast, developing a keen photographic eye, to the point where I am now. The point where I see photographs wherever I go, in the car, shopping, anywhere! For me it is now a passion, a passion for composition, geometry, light and emotion. It is this passion that now drives me to provide my clients with the highest quality images possible. For families my passion is about achieving natural family portraits, for businesses it is about highest quality imagery that will work well in the required medium – whether that be in print or on a website, the images need to tell a story and leap off the page. I know that we can ALL take a picture, but my job is to go beyond that, to create images that convey a character and tell a story.

Northampton photography
Northampton Photography Nikon d4
Northampton Photographer Fuji XT1

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